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What our clients have to say about working with We R Renovations.


Cam and I have been friends for 15 years. Cam built a 2000 square foot house for me among many other fun jobs over the years and always did so with professionalism and integrity. From the ground up, Cam’s work is 1st class. An obviously experienced contractor that knows many tricks of the trade, yet open minded and eager to be continually learning and improving techniques. Cams easy going and humorous personality makes working with him a breeze. I frequently refer him to family and friends at home and also, abroad… Those lucky enough to work with him are in rare company as his services are in high demand.


“How many times have i wondered where is my crew today? Who hasn’t had horror stories renovating their homes? Look no further. weRreno gets it done on time. Attention to details, added value, dependable, fair, versatile, and can turn on a dime when I change my mind. Rest at ease - Cam is a real pro!”

Lar and Christie DeSouza

We are so grateful to Cam Heaphy (or We R Reno - whichever you'd like) for giving us the home of our dreams!  He installed flooring throughout the house, meticulously fitted baseboards, painted throughout, installed lighting of a wide variety throughout (pot lights to chandeliers), took down and put up walls, replaced and installed insulation, installed a new bay window and other windows, made beautiful built-in shelving and cabinetry, made and installed new stairs, and completely redid the heart of our house, the kitchen.  He followed our vision, yet also had great suggestions that we never even thought of.  His prices were very reasonable and well explained before he began, and he was open and available to talk at any time.  Very highly recommended!

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