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Our Process

Here are the steps we take from your phone call until your project is complete.

Step 1 : We will ask questions over the phone to see what kind of a project you are looking to do, what some of your thoughts and ideas are and see if we are the right fit for what you need.

Step 2: Before the end of the initial phone call we will set up an in-person meeting with you and who ever else will be involved in the planning process.

Step 3: Upon arrival of our first meeting we will go over your plan in more detail and have a look on site to see if there could be any other ideas that come to light. From here we will take all of our notes and draw up a quote.

Step 4: If you have a straight forward project than we can email you the quote for your review. If your project is a little more complicated than we prefer to come to you in person to discuss all aspects of our quote, and to answer any questions you may have.

Step 5: Upon acceptance of your quote, you will be given a package that includes a work schedule and estimated time line, a payment schedule, and a contract to sign between client and contractor.

Step 6: We will commence work on an agreed upon start date and usually work between the hours of 9-5, unless otherwise discussed.

Step 7: We like to keep a clean and tidy jobsite and we respect your way of living and try to make things as easy as possible for you throughout the course of the project. So if there is a way we can make things even easier for you than just ask!

Step 8: Upon job completion we make sure that your project is finished to your satisfaction as well as ours. And we understand that sometimes we may miss some things, we will come back and do any touch ups that need doing.

Step 9: Once your are satisfied with the completion of your project we collect the final payment.

Step 10: You now get to enjoy all the work we have accomplished together! 

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